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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator
10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Coordinator

10. Budgeting
One of the most difficult obstacles of planning a wedding is setting a budget and sticking to it. A wedding coordinator has firsthand experience helping couples establish a balanced budget that revolves around your personalized wedding needs. Wedding planners are extremely familiar with expected wedding expenses, fair costs, and value. The coordinator will help you and your fiancée weigh different options according to your budget and personal priorities.

A wedding planner can also offer you cost effective options in vendors, décor, cake, etc. to help you achieve your desired wedding look without raising your budget! Brides that do not hire a wedding coordinator tend to exceed their budget.

9. Saves Time
On average, a couple spends 200 + hours planning their wedding!
Hiring a wedding professional is a valuable investment for your special day. A wedding planner will save you time & energy by taking a huge workload off your plate. A coordinator can research vendors, venues, wedding dress boutiques, rental companies, décor ideas, and so much more! Your wedding professional will take care of all tedious details in regards to your special day.

8. Organization
A wedding coordinator is highly knowledgeable on wedding etiquette and everything a wedding entails. This includes organizing schedules, creating timelines, venue details, save the dates, invitations, RSVP’s, ceremony details, rehearsals, wedding party information, lodging information, etc.
Your wedding coordinator will keep all your information and details organized, so you are stress and worry free!
Wedding planners are well versed at creating in-depth itineraries for all individuals involved in your special day; this includes your wedding party, vendors, venue, your parents, in laws, etc. Your wedding coordinator will stay organized so that you don’t have to!

7. Achieving Your Vision
Most brides have been fantasizing and dreaming about their wedding their entire lives. Wedding professionals are here to bring your vision to reality and to ensure all desires are met.
Wedding coordinators have been involved in countless weddings and can help you achieve and define your desired look, style, theme, and mood you want to convey for your wedding. Planners are typically up to date with the latest wedding trends and can help you create the perfect style on your big day. A wedding coordinator brings their experience, creativity, advice, and expertise to the table to ensure that what you envision for your wedding is brought to reality.

6. Vendors
On average, a wedding has over 20 different vendors. Your wedding coordinator will provide insight and help you choose the right vendors in regards to pricing, value, style, and your wants and needs. Wedding professionals know exactly what to look for in a vendor. For example, what questions to ask, average pricing for services, etc.
Coordinators usually already have their own preferred vendors list. This typically includes florals, a bakery, décor, catering, venues, videographer, photography, photo booths, etc. With their own preferred vendors, coordinators are usually given some room for negotiation in prices.

5. Saves Relationships
Although weddings are an unforgettable experience, they are also extremely stressful. This stress often results in arguments for couples as well as tension with loved ones and close friends. A wedding coordinator can help relieve stress by taking on duties and responsibilities commonly given to loved ones, so that everyone is free to enjoy the festivities on your big day.
Also, many times family members or friends might volunteer to serve as your “wedding planner”. Sadly, your loved ones are not professional wedding or event planners. They are simply not qualified to do the job. They are not knowledgeable in the dos and don’ts of wedding planning. The last thing you want to do is cause tension between you and your loved ones!

4. Peace of Mind
A great wedding planner knows how to meet all your expectations for your special day without causing you any extra stress. Planning your dream wedding should be a happy and exciting experience! Your coordinator will be comfortable and willing to handle any stressful situations, details, or unforeseen conflicts on your behalf.

3. Mediator
Everyone will have their own opinions and wants for your wedding. Just remember, you can’t please everyone! Overall, it is your special day and no one else’s. A wedding coordinator acts as a neutral party and approaches all situations with professionalism. Your wedding planner is comfortable with acting as a buffer or mediator where there are potential conflicts.
For example, it is easier for you to blame the wedding planner anytime you disagree with someone’s opinion or perspective on your wedding. It’s easier for you to say, “the wedding coordinator thinks it is best we stick to our original plans because….” rather than causing tension between you and a loved one. Your planner will take responsibility as the “bearer of bad news” so you can carry on stress and worry free. An outstanding wedding coordinator knows when to step in for their bride when sticky situations come into play.

2. “Day of” Responsibilities
The day of your wedding, your coordinator will take charge of every detail. If anything goes wrong, your planner will be there to fix it behind the scenes.
Any unforeseen circumstances won’t take away from you and your special day, and it won’t take your family and friends away from enjoying the party.

1. Relax, have fun, & enjoy your special day!
Hiring a wedding coordinator will help you and your loved ones have a wonderful, worry free day. Since your coordinator will be informed of all details to your event, they will ensure everything runs smoothly while you make unforgettable memories on your magical day. You deserve perfection on your wedding day!

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