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2016 Spring Aerification
The 2016 Spring Aerification was completed last Tuesday and Wednesday. This is the first major aerification of the greens for this year with the second coming in early August. We were able to complete the process with no problems even after the previous week giving the area 6.5” of rain. We were worried that the rain would not clear out in time but luckily the storm moved out and we were able to stay on schedule. The course was allowed to dry for one day (Monday) before attempting to drive some of the heavy machinery around on our very sloped greens. The greens were verti-cut (vertical mowing) and aerified with a 3/8” coring tine with a 2” spacing between the holes. It is critical to remove some of the dead plant material that has built up and to open up space for new plants going into the growing season while also allowing better air and water movement through the profile of the greens. This is also why it is important to aerify at the end of the season. The build-up of growth on the greens can slow the percolation rates of water and hold too much moisture at the surface, promoting disease and toxic gases building up in the root zone. Adding the sand (topdressing) during aerification will help compensate for the dead plant material (thatch) that will occur during the growing season while providing a smoother and firmer playing surface. We hope everyone is as happy with the progress of greens post-aerification as we are and it should set us up for a great season.     

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Hiddenbrooke Golf Club - Aeration Process